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Anna Zofia Powierża is the Creative Director and Co-Owner of 4Media Creations, a production company and creative agency that provides comprehensive brand services throughout Poland.

She is a photographer and video director, with her photos appearing in prestigious media outlets and her music videos breaking viewing records with over 800 million views on YouTube and Vevo. She has created campaigns for companies such as Xiaomi, Sante, Empik, Sephora, Universal, TVN, Sony, Lexus Poland, Apart, and many others. For years, she was professionally associated with Universal Music Poland, where she worked on exclusive projects and built personal artist brands. Her photos have been published in the Italian version of the prestigious magazine and in many other international fashion magazines. In Poland, Anna has collaborated with such titles as Cosmopolitan, Viva, Gala, Claudia, Twój Styl, and Harper's Bazaar.

Personally and professionally, Anna has been a mother for over 15 years. She is a moderate vegetarian, an environmentalist, an enthusiast of zero-waste cooking, and deeply devoted to her family. In her dreams, she is a traveler and documentarian.

What people says...

"Anna is a great and highly professional photographer, a wizard of the lens, able to bring out the goodness and beauty in people, and the radiance in objects. She has excellent skills and competencies as well as outstanding artistic talents. Her photographic studio is filled with good energy and magical light."


"Ania is one of the few people who can capture a spark in someone's eye. She has a keen eye for detail, professionalism,
and empathy."

P. Czaykowski

In actions...


Publications , Gala, Glamour, Men’s health, Twója Styl, Elle, Foto Modern.,, Panna Młoda, MłodaPara od A do Z, TVP1, TVP Kultura, TVN CNBC Biznes, TVN, TVN Style, RadioJazz, Radio PIN, Polskie Radio, Sugarkiss. Magazine, Vecu Magazine,Shot Magazine, Wow Magazine, Unspoken Magazine,,, Wedding Magazine, Digital Foto Video, inne..


Sante, Xiaomi, Panasonic, Universal, Orange, Bio Organic France, Kuźniar Media, Showroom Mumla,Apart, Wiso, Vision Expres, Orange, Pure Story, Secret Delivery, IntiminaPolska, Usu Cosmetics Polska, Nantie Polska, How2, Be Moye, LiParieLingerie, Indigo, Amuni Slow Food Pizza, Loriini, Clue PR, First DataPolcard, Medicus Tychy, Top Koncert, Miasto st. Warszawa, CLS InstalacjeElektryczne, TVN S.A., Universal Music Polska, Sony Music Polska,Empik, Sephora, Alcon Polska, Agencja Hand Made, Agencja El Padre,Agencja Idealiści, Core PP, Lexus Polska, Polkomtel, Polbank, Polsko-Niemiecka Współpraca Młodzieży, Vision Express, Merlin, pl, Fagor GastroMastercook, Feretti, Hepatil, Medicover, TVN Style,  British American Tobacco, Cattardini, Tuff Leather, Canon Polska,Sony Polska, Ambasada RP we Włoszech, Polska Akademia Protokołui Etykiety, J, W, Construction AZS Politechnika, Ursynowskie CentrumSportu i Rekreacji, Prospectum Group B, Wolańczyk, Akademia Uśmiechu,Kancelaria Krzysztof Modzelewski & Partners, Sollers Consulting, Panasonic, Universal, Orange, Remington Polska, Sony, Polsat, EdipressePolska, Indigo Nails Polska, others.


Good photos are not just the result of the photographer's skills, but also the work of the beauty team, stylists, and retouchers. I am proud to work with a team of professionals who always deliver exceptional results, ensuring that every aspect of the creative process is at the highest level.

Renata Ciężkowska

Retoucher and Graphic Designer. UX Designer, travel lover and my very best friend. 

Natalia Jeger

Retoucher and production Manager.The kindest person on Earth. Creative, calm mind.

Marta Podbielska

Make up artist, feminist and Influencer. A kind and versatile person. Travel lover.

Katarzyna Duszyńska

Make up artist, Influencer. Person with a good heart, a creative mind, and a gentle disposition.

Konrad Fado

Stylist. Person who is polite, cultured, talented, and reliable.

Paulina Gzik

Fashion & Commercial Stylist. Paulina is a London-based stylist and art director working internationally.

Best studio & light in Warsaw

Very best light and equipment crew.


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